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Sand, Silt, Flint

The new album from Fiona Soe Paing, coming soon....




“SAND, SILT, FLINT”  is Fiona Soe Paing’s second studio album project, currently in development.  Inspired by the landscape, folklore and rich balladry tradition of North East Scotland, the project combines Fiona’s electronica productions and voice with Scottish traditional instrumentation.   Each track on the album is linked to a specific North East location and story,  and using the Doric dialect of the North East, re-imagines traditional ballads from the area, and creates new songs inspired by landscape and folklore.


The project in being developed association with Aberdeen based production company Open Road.  With thanks to Creative Scotland and Help Musicians UK for their support in funding the album, and to  NatureScot and The Elphinstone Institute of the University Of Aberdeen for their siupport. 




The album will be presented in a series of outdoor geo-located “Sound Walks” using the “Echoes” mobile app and GPS technology, with binaural headphone mixes created by sound artist Jamie Smith.  Listeners will access the walks via their mobile device and headphones, and as they travel along the walk, their path is guided by the audio, triggered by GPS.  For each location, a binaural headphone mix will interweave the album’s songs with excerpts of traditional ballad recordings, spoken word, and field recordings, creating an interactive listening environment where the listeners experience the songs in the setting which inspired them. . 


The album will be released in early 2022, coinciding with Visit Scotland’s “Year of Scotland’s Stories”